From Ashes Comes the Day

From ashes comes the day, explores the ephemeral yet relentless passage of time and our varying capacity to change with it. Set to the album of the same name by composer Eric Craven, the piece examines the nature of inertia and illusion taking stylistic inspiration from the iconic documentary Grey Gardens. Alternating between glamorous fantasies and flashbacks of decaying memories, two enigmatic performers pitch themselves into the follies of youth and wake up to the eventual morning after.

The duet, From Ashes Comes the Day, was first performed with artist, George Stamos, as a part of the Dance X tour to Tokyo’s Aoyama Round Theater, Seoul’s LIG Art Hall and Montreal’s Tangente in May 2011.
From Ashes, was also performed in 2013 with Karen Fennell at the Dance Matters series in Toronto and Kinetic Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Choreographer/ Dancer: Erin Flynn
Guest Artist: George Stamos, Karen Fennell
Music: Eric Craven
Lighting: Karine Gauthier
Decor: Jeremy Gordaneer
Costumes: Marianne Theriault
Dramaturgy : Anne-Sophie Rouleau
Outside Eyes: Jo Leslie