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Through fake smiles and starlet poses abandoned and taken again, the choreographer questions, demonstrates and ridicules female stereotypes and the eroticization of the female image. With an obvious and contagious pleasure the three interpreters enjoy delicious moments, such as a series of false interviews where theatricality, gestures and improvised texts are integrated in an effective and funny way. The whole draws an extremely in- telligent social criticism and emphasizes the formidable dancers of Flynn. Beautiful and calm, they are in full possession of their means, between portraying with abandon and reassertion, the desire to please and fatigue of striving for beauty. With text ef- fectively integrated, it feels good to abandon oneself to a clear choreographic vision .

Catherine Lalonde, Devoir, du jeudi 05 février 2009


The Joan of Arc Complex , is a solo with urban colors and without ceremony or artifice… Without hesitating she sinks into the concerns and reflections of her interior world. All the elements com- bine to create a stark, somber and intimate dance thanks to the sensitivity of the interpreter, Marie Claire Forté and with the help of the electro lullabies of Eric Craven; whose evocative music creates a clear dynamic arc.

Eve Lalonde, Dfdanse, dimanche 08 février 2009

Alcove is concocted with subtlety and pertinence by Erin Flynn…She delivers her vision of this entrancing, urban ritual on stage with her dancers through an extremely, mastered movement vocabulary.

Aline Apostolska, La Presse, 14 Avril, 2007

Through several sections which vary from meditative to urban, this piece moves well. The dancers are light and sharp; and each one assumes their own style with great aptitude…. One is treated to these splendid dancers, who are Erin Flynn and her gang.

Eve Lalonde, DF Danse, 22 avril 200

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